EAP Services for Midlands Businesses and Organisations

Local Employee Support from Local Mental Health Professionals

Midlands Employee Wellbeing Works

We take pride in providing your business with a personal, professional, accessible and reliable local employee support service.

Midlands Employee Wellbeing is your leading local Employee Assistance Program (EAP) service provider. We supply evidence based proactive workplace wellbeing and wellness services to local business owners, C-Suite executives, managers and employees. Midlands Employee Wellbeing supports small, medium and large businesses and organisations located in counties Westmeath, Roscommon, Longford, Offaly, Laois and Galway. When you partner with Midlands Employee Wellbeing you receive expert ethical support to enhance staff wellbeing, development and performance.

At Midlands Employee Wellbeing, our team of expert practitioners are committed to helping you create a work environment that cares for your employees. An effective employee wellbeing program is more than just a telephone support line and wellness app. It requires real access to local mental health and wellness experts that are relatable and accessible to all business owners, C-Suite executives, managers and employees when they need it most.

We know from experience that the success of an EAP provided through psychological resources and counselling support can only exist when there is trust established between the professional therapist and the person receiving the support. Our clinical team work hard to provide a safe and confidential person centred approach to your employee support that is grounded in scientific treatment techniques on the process of change. This approach is designed to truly help your employees function at their best. Our proactive programs for the prevention and early resolution of workplace and personal issues are designed to make your workplace the best it can be by supporting you to support the mental wellbeing of your employees and their families.

At Midlands Employee Wellbeing we are passionate about providing your business or organisation with proactive, educational and solution focused services and psychological support when needed. Our local, responsive and personal approach to our clients and their employees is bolstered by our service offering including:

EAP counselling services (delivered face to face, by telephone or remote video via our secure telehealth portal)

Consultancy: A solution blueprint on the design and implementation of a successful workplace wellbeing strategy.

Critical incident response support (workplace trauma)

Workplace mediation and conflict resolution service

Employee wellbeing support workshops and webinars