EAP Counselling Service

At Midlands Employee Wellbeing we understand that everyone experiences life pressures from time to time. But there are times when some situations can leave employees feeling so stressed and overwhelmed it can adversely affect how they function personally and professionally.

The enmeshment of how our personal and professional lives are so intertwined in good physical and mental wellbeing was highlighted during the Covid-19 pandemic. During this time, Midlands Employee Wellbeing assisted businesses and organisations support their management and employees experiencing the adverse effects of burnout, anxiety, depression, loneliness and bereavement. The importance of employers having mental health supports in place for employees is demonstrated in Question 27 of the Health and Safety Authority Covid-19 Return to Work Safely Protocol (Employer checklist) which asks “Have you put in place supports for workers who may be suffering from anxiety or stress and told your staff about these supports?”

How can our EAP Counselling Service help?
The aims of our EAP Counselling Service is to:
provide employees with evidence based, short-term, solution focused counselling and support when faced with challenges that adversely affect their general wellbeing, health, workplace performance or personal life.
Reduce employee absenteeism through early intervention and prevention.
Provide employers with a sound return on investment.

What issues are addressed by our EAP Counselling Service?
The expert team at Midlands Employee Wellbeing can support your business, management and employees to achieve positive outcomes when experiencing workplace and personal issues including:

Stress and emotional distress
Feelings of overwhelm or ‘not coping’
Decreased work performance
Personal relationship difficulties
Workplace relationship difficulties

Conflict and communication difficulties
Adjusting to change
Problems with drugs and alcohol
Organisational change
Coping in times of crisis
Bereavement and loss (including pregnancy loss)
Eating disorders

How are EAP Counselling Sessions conducted?
Our person centred approach is tailored specifically to the employer’s needs. We offer your management and employees face to face, secure video or phone counselling sessions based on preference and suitability. Delivery times are based upon need and the urgency of the matter.

Our scheduled evidence based solution focused sessions are provided at times most suitable for employees. This includes daytime, evening and weekends as we understand employees may not be comfortable engaging with us in the workplace and during working hours. Appointments are usually available within one week of initial request and we aim to provide one scheduled appointment per week. Brief solution focused counselling is usually completed in six sessions. Furthermore, we actively assess and manage risk issues, referring or signposting clients to their GP, alternative HSE resources or support services where appropriate. 

What Assurance do I have my employee is in ‘safe’ hands?
All Midlands Employee Wellbeing, our practitioners hold at a minimum a degree in counselling and psychotherapy that is accredited by the Irish Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (IACP), the Irish Association of Humanistic and Integrative Psychotherapists (IAHIP) or The Psychological Society of Ireland (PSI).

Furthermore, our counsellors and psychotherapists:
Have completed 450 hours of training.
Have a minimum of 3 years post qualification experience.
Are insured, indemnified, Garda vetted and engage in annual continuous professional development.
Are professionally supervised by an external clinical supervisor.
Provide counselling in therapy rooms that offer a safe and confidential space.
Subscribe to their accrediting body code of ethics and are subject to their complaints procedure. The purpose of this code is to establish and maintain standards for counsellors and psychotherapists who are accredited members, and to inform and protect people and organisations that engage in our EAP counselling and psychotherapy services.