Trauma Support/Critical Incident Response

Midlands Employee Wellbeing can provide your business with a local, prompt and efficient response to traumatic or critical incidents within the workplace. While minor accidents in the workplace can occur from time to time, critical incidents can be extremely stressful overwhelming to staff, and can impact their physical, psychological, emotional and behavioural functioning. It is not uncommon for stress reactions to present within hours, days or weeks after the critical incident has occurred.

Our personal and compassionate critical trauma support and critical incident response is tailored to your organisations needs depending on the trauma affecting your management and employees and the potential risk for psychological harm. Midlands Employee Wellbeing trauma support and critical incident response team aim to support an employee’s recovery build and resilience through a clinical process of affect regulation, stabilisation, resourcing, processing of traumatic memory and integration.

How can our EAP Counselling Service help?
The aims of our EAP Counselling Service is to:
provide employees with evidence based, short-term, solution focused counselling and support when faced with challenges that adversely affect their general wellbeing, health, workplace performance or personal life.
Reduce employee absenteeism through early intervention and prevention.
Provide employers with a sound return on investment.

When is Trauma Support and Critical Incident Response Required
Your management and employees may need our specialist trauma support and critical incident response in the event of a serious workplace accident or incident involving serious injury or death, experiencing or witnessing an armed robbery or violence, suicide of a staff member, and other destressing events such as redundancies or organisational/team conflict.

Any one of us is vulnerable to critical incident stress if the traumatic event is significant enough. Individual and team reactions to traumatic events can vary from one person to the next and is dependent on the employees interpretation of the event and their prior life experiences.

Our proactive clinical service is designed to reduce or mitigate the risk of extreme stress response and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in individual employees or a team following exposure to a sudden traumatic event or critical incident in the workplace.

The Benefits of Trauma Support and Critical Incident Response
Our local critical incident response team comprises of trauma informed counsellors/psychotherapists and psychologists who understand how stressful and overwhelming it can be to an employee and an organisation when a critical incident occurs in the workplace.

All our customers receive access to the following:
Access to our Trauma Support and Critical Incident Response once your business has registered with us.

The Midlands Employee Wellbeing’s Trauma Support and Critical Incident defusing service can be provided at your workplace or at an alternative convenient location.