Workplace Mediation and Conflict Resolution

Conflict in relationships is not uncommon. If fact, a degree of conflict in a business can be a helpful catalyst to creativity, innovation and productivity. However, when tensions lead to disagreements that are not managed or controlled, conflict can escalate to business disruption and negatively impact on employee wellbeing. This in turn can lead to loss of productivity, absenteeism due to stress or suspension, and damage to team morale and customer service.

The cost of conflict within the workplace can be high owing to decreased employee or team productivity, and the management time spent on dealing with the conflict. If the dispute ends up in an employment tribunal or litigation, the costs multiply even further.

Commonly causes of workplace conflict include:

Independent research indicates that mediation is between 80-90% successful and over 90% of all respondents (including the commissioning organisation) would use mediation again.
At Midlands Employee Wellbeing our workplace mediation and conflict resolution service offers your business a confidential, impartial, flexible and cost effective alternative to formal grievance or disciplinary procedures.

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